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Testing the Fowl Play Trailer with Mechanical Turk

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I had heard of Amazon's Mechanical Turk project before, but it was all a little bit over my head until Andy Baio showed how it's done. Mechanical Turk is a way to micropay people to do various tasks that a computer can't do well. Andy demonstrates how to produce a transcript from an mp3 for $15.

I usually ask the people around me what they think of the projects I'm working on, but those people are usually fearful of my fiery temper or already a member of whatever club I'm trying to sign people up for.

So I decided to test the new Fowl Play trailer on an audience of 5 people, for the price of 2 dollars apiece. And I got some interesting feedback:

A Fowl Play trailer

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I cut together a trailer for Fowl Play tonight, this is the second trailer for the project so far, and probably not the final version or even the last trailer I'll be making.

Fowl Play Trailer from Adam Durand on Vimeo.

This trailer centers on the lives of the hens, and is more focused on selling the cruelty behind egg production than it is on selling the film. If I had to pick whether people moved towards veganism or watched Fowl Play, I'd of course pick the former. But perhaps convincing people to watch the full length version of the film will make even more vegans than 2 minutes of cruelty footage ever could.

Or maybe we can have the best of both worlds if I put more than a few hours worth of work into this. I'll see what the good folks at Mercy For Animals think, and what input they can provide on this short piece.

Please be sure to visit the

Official Fowl Play Site!

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