Fowl Play on Netflix: Just Queue It!

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fowl_play_store_image.jpgMercy For Animals' award-winning documentary, Fowl Play, has been accepted by Netflix, the popular mail order video rental service with more than 10 million subscribers. But in order for it to become available for rental and/or instant viewing, enough Netflix subscribers must add it to their queues.

If you are a Netflix subscriber, please help make this groundbreaking documentary about modern egg production available to millions of egg-consumers by adding it to your queue today! If you are not a Netflix subscriber, you can sign up for a FREE trial period here. Then just search for Fowl Play and queue it. (note: not Foul Play, the 1978 comedy with Chevy Chase)

Mercy For Animals' Fowl Play takes viewers on an unforgettable journey behind the closed doors of some of the country's largest egg production facilities and graphically illustrates the heartbreaking plight of laying hens -condemned to lives crowded inside file-drawer-sized cages.

Through touching interviews with animal rescuers, undercover investigators, veterinarians, and animal behaviorists, we hear powerful stories motivated by kindness and courage from the dedicated individuals who are fighting to save the modern day hen - perhaps the most abused and exploited animal on earth.

Connecting the dots between consumer demand for meat, dairy and eggs and the perpetuation of animal abuse, Fowl Play leaves viewers with a groundbreaking message of personal responsibility and the potential each of us holds to change the world - one meal at a time.

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