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Organize a Fowl Play Screening In Your Community!

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fowl_play_store_image.jpgHelp bring Fowl Play, and its message of compassionate action on behalf of animals, to your community by organizing a public screening. Here are five simple tips to get you started:

1) Plan Ahead

Plan the event well in advance. A minimum of two months ahead of time is suggested to ensure a successful event.  Also make sure to order your DVD well in advance to allow plenty of time for shipping and handling.

2) Select a venue

Libraries, colleges, schools, churches, community centers, movie theaters and art houses are excellent places to hold screenings. Many venues are available free of charge.

3) Set the date and time

Check public calendars for community events, holidays, elections, school breaks, etc., to ensure that your screening does not conflict. Evening screenings should start between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m.

If you already belong to an organization with regular meetings (such as a student group, a church organization, a meetup group, etc.), see if you could show the film at an upcoming meeting. 

4) Provide Free Refreshments and Educational Materials

Free vegan food and drinks are a great motivator for people to come to a screening and a fantastic opportunity to share cruelty-free food with attendees. Serving food after the film is best. Also, providing attendees with free MFA literature is a must!

5) Spread the Word

Publicizing the event is vital to its success! There are many ways to spread the word:

  • Posters: Put posters up all over town! Coffee shops, vegan-friendly restaurants, health food stores, and library community boards are all great places to promote your screening. Click here to download a Fowl Play promotional poster to use in promoting your event.
  • Email announcements: You can send an email invitation to your friends and family asking them to pass on the invitation.
  • Post notices on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Meetup.com, blogs and other websites.
  • Contact MFA to let us know about your event and we might be able to promote it too!

For more detailed information on organizing a successful screening, please read Tribe of Heart's two-part movie screening guide.

Please be sure to visit the

Official Fowl Play Site!

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