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Nominated for Best Documentary at Show Off Your Shorts

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Fowl Play is headed to Hollywood this February for the Show Off Your Shorts film festival! And we got word today that we've been nominated for Best Documentary at the festival, up against Maybe Me and My Longest Day. It would be an honor to win, and also nice to slap a "Best Documentary" laurel graphic onto our promotional materials, so wish us luck!

Testing the Fowl Play Trailer with Mechanical Turk

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I had heard of Amazon's Mechanical Turk project before, but it was all a little bit over my head until Andy Baio showed how it's done. Mechanical Turk is a way to micropay people to do various tasks that a computer can't do well. Andy demonstrates how to produce a transcript from an mp3 for $15.

I usually ask the people around me what they think of the projects I'm working on, but those people are usually fearful of my fiery temper or already a member of whatever club I'm trying to sign people up for.

So I decided to test the new Fowl Play trailer on an audience of 5 people, for the price of 2 dollars apiece. And I got some interesting feedback:
Mercy For Animals has a Celebrating Compassion Gala event this weekend, so we've edited a new trailer to fire up the guests and get them interested in Fowl Play. If I embed it here it just starts playing recklessly, but you can watch it on the main Fowl Play site or on its page at
Please be sure to visit the

Official Fowl Play Site!

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