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621px-DVD.pngA lot of folks are interested in buying Fowl Play DVDs to use when indoctrinating their friends and family.

At the moment we're submitting Fowl Play to film festivals. We have a film that screens pretty well, and we think we'll be competitive. But our film festival plans require that we put any potential DVD production on hold, at least for a few months, to give the festivals the kind of exclusives they like.

The folks at MFA don't yet know how much money they want to sink into DVD production, and are hoping to get some funding. Our dream is to provide screening packets to people who are willing to hold screenings in their communities.

But regardless of how many DVDs we're making, they will be available at some point, and they'll be loaded with features. Subtitles in various languages, alternate versions of the film for different audiences, commentary, deleted scenes, bonus cooking videos, the works.

I'll be writing about the DVD on this blog as we produce it, so check back here for more, or enter your e-mail address into the form on the main Fowl Play site and we'll spam you when the DVDs arrive.

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The public does need to know the real facts of the suffering that farm animals go through. I try to inform my friends and my husband, but their continued denial of the horrors and lack of change in behavior remains. For people who continue to eat meat, dairy and eggs are their better companies to buy from? I know this may be an oxymoron, but I sincerely want to steer them gradually away from the cruelties since they are so hard to convince.

Please do a followup video on how people can become vegans. Individuals need practical, well explained steps and recipes. Remember it is a big deal for people to change their lifestyles so completely.

Kudos to you all for doing this heartrending work! Keep at it, never stop, tell the public, break through the denial!

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